Typical Agenda

8:00am – Breakfast, Networking and Meeting Guests (if applicable)

8:30am – Share…intro of any guests

8:50am – Training on subject based on members needs

10:15am – Recap and experiences, Q and A.

10:30am – Break, say goodbye to guests

10:30am – Leader Host Presentation*

11:00am – Members individual Issues and group feedback and suggestions

11:45pm – Wrap up, review of responsibilities and accountabilities

12:00 noon – Adjorn


Meetings include lots of sharing, challenges, vulnerabilities and accountabilities. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable but sometimes necessary for growth and professional development.


 * Leader Host Presentation

The group members each get an opportunity to be the host. This is one of the most valuable opportunities that The SLA program offers you. This is your opportunity to share a brief history and overall view of the organization including size, ownership, products or services, strategic initiatives, goals and of course your team, team members, goals individual and group. Typically they are 30-45 minutes.

Afterwards the group not only has a better understanding of you and your organization, the members will throw some often tough questions at you and push you to the next level. Most people feel this is the best exchange they have.

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