5 Tips for Onboarding

5 Best On-Boarding Tips

5 Best On-boarding Tips What is On-boarding? What Is On-boarding? Taking a step back, let’s define the term “on-boarding.” Many see on-boarding through the narrow lens of new hire paperwork and orientation. It is mistakenly defined  on ...

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What’s Their Self-Talk Costing You?

What is your self-talk costing you? First, let’s define self-talk. Self-talk is the way you talk to yourself, or your inner voice. You might not be aware that you’re doing it, but you almost certainly are. This inner voice ...

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Get out of your own way

Get Out of Your Own Way

Get Out of Your Own Way Situation: So what does it mean to get out of your own way? Dana had been making a lot of sales calls, seeing many people, and enthusiastically presenting proposals during the past few months.   She was pleased ...

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3 deadly sins of hiring salespeople

3 Deadly Sins of Hiring Salespeople

  The 3 deadly sins of hiring salespeople The Situation; “Why don’t I have any success hiring salespeople?” This is one of the most popular questions I get asked. What are the 3 deadly sins of hiring salespeople? In my experience, ...

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closing ratio?

How Bad Are Sales Closing Ratios?

How bad are sales closing ratios? One of the things most salespeople, and their management believe is the closing ratio should be higher but have absolutely no idea how to do that. How bad are closing ratios? the answer to this is ...

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Greatest motivational scene ever

The Greatest Motivational Scene Ever!

For Your Next Sales Meeting!! Why is this the greatest motivational scene ever? Because we all think we do the most we can do. We believe we are trying our best, pushing ourselves but are we truly? This scene from Facing the Giants is ...

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A few good expenses

A Few Good Expenses

One of my favorites!!! A few good expenses is a great video that talks about how to be successful in sales you must spend some money! I love the spoof that this guy does! Have fun with this and show it to your sales team A few good ...

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Self-talk situation

The Prospect Stall

The Prospect Stall Situation Christine has been working through a tough month. Slow growth, few call backs and proposals out and waiting for answers. She gets a call from an old prospect that has always been a friendly voice and asks ...

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Brochures dont sell

Brochures don’t sell, people do

Brochures don’t sell. people do! THE SITUATION Bob was preparing for his first appointment with Mr. Winfred P. Smith , senior partner of the law firm Smith, Pennyworth, and Jones, one of the biggest, oldest and most prestigious ...

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Sales Hiring Report

The most important decision you can make for your organization is to hire right. If you are a football fan, think about the best coaches. They know the importance of recruiting. Review this Sales Hiring Report and learn that importance ...

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