Here are some example for you to have your own Strategic Round Table!!

  • This example is from a client who was the island representative for a large shipping company;


Hello Bevin,

I am inviting you to a Power Round Table at the Tropical Shipping St Thomas office on Wednesday, June 15th.

The purpose of this meeting is to effectively understand a little bit more about each other’s businesses and how we might be able to help each other with referrals.

Knowing each of you professionally I selected you specifically because I think there may be synergy between some of you and if you decide to align with each other after this brief introduction that would be great.

I will facilitate the meeting to get our business underway at 10 AM sharp and completed by 12:00 PM. Be prepared to share with the group in approximately 6 minutes who you are looking to meet, what specific market you are going after and a little bit about your company.

Please rsvp by replying to this email and call me if you have any questions.  Some of you may already know one another and I am looking forward to introducing you to other people that I like and respect. If you cannot make this one, no worries, just let me know.


Best Regards,

Tonia  Stanton

Tropical Shipping



Day of the event;


One day before, call everyone and confirm. Remind them that you will be asking them to share for about 5-6 minutes about themselves, their company, what differentiates them from others if they have a situational story to tell to explain that, great, if not that’s OK.  Then to be able to give some examples of a few good referrals for them and why.

Get there early incase others do and you can greet them. Get started on time and let them know again why you brought them together, what each one will be doing as we go around and how long it will take (Ground Rules). I actually recommend if there is something to write on; a flip chart aboard etc. that you write down the 4 ‘topics/questions’. It helps people to look up and remember what to say. Not everyone is good at speaking impromptu and often they just go off on a tangent….  This will help.

* You always want to go first. The reason is it will give them have a good idea of what this to do and they will follow your lead.

* Begin by going around once quickly with just name and company. Then go again with the detail. This is important. We have found that if you do it this way, often when people are telling their story they can relate it best once they know who is in the room. Plus, once people open up, even a little, they feel more at ease then waiting and waiting…

* Important- It seems a bit silly but just ask someone to keep an eye on a timer for the group. Not you but give someone the task of letting each participant. While speaking, know they have 30 seconds or so. If you don’t things with one or two people can really drag on and hurt the energy in the room.

*  At the end let everyone know that you encourage them getting together one on one at a later time to get to know each other better and that you hope everyone will be doing referrals with each other. Let them know you will send out a final list with names contacts etc. of everyone. (even If they have all exchanged. It gives you another opportunity to get in front of them again as the leader).

Please email me with any questions about this and I will help you with anything you need! I think you’ll love it!

Good Selling!!





The Agenda



First go around room, always start with you, they will follow your lead and do short introductions;

Name, company, position

Each person will need about 5-6 minutes (6 if 10 or under, 5 if over 10 people)

Then back around and use this outline (have each printed at the table in front of them);


  • Name and Company (again)


  • A short description of their company and what they do


  • What makes them different/stand out from their competition


  • Tell a short story/example of something they have done over and above the norm to help a customer.


  • Give an example of a good referral and why (try to be specific here)


Note, when you go, you can hand out your top 10 list* as well around the table. This is a good leave behind for them and will impress them that you have it laid out this way.



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