Top 10 Traits That Require Zero Talent

What are those top 10 traits that require zero talent? So many sales managers are looking for those special skills to hire in a salesperson. Those are special traits that we want. A successful salesperson has things like; drive, persistence, experience, contacts, etc. So what are the 10 traits that require zero talent and why is that important? Sales leaders are striving to find the right mix of these. Sales leaders are trying to find the holy grail of salespeople. Do you know what those top 10 traits would be? Whether you are a sales manager or a sales leader that oversees the sales team, My belief and experience tell me that there are traits that are as important and potentially more important than the ‘product training’ that all salespeople go through. Is that important? Of course but if that’s the most training you give them, and not how to use this. 

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These things are what a candidate needs to bring to the table.  These 10 traits that require zero talent are very telling!! are basic and without them, no experience will make up for their lack. If when you read this and want more, Let me know.

I found this and loved it!! Enjoy!

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These are in my opinion, the top 10 traits that require zero talent. These traits come from the inside. They come from the gut. Most of these are not even trainable!

Being in the business of training for many years, I have figured out the things that you really need and false promises of things that a great salesperson may or may not have but we look for.

I feel like none of these need explaining but I will review, for kicks!

  1. Be on time –  if on the very first day, the very first week your new salesperson is late or even sneaking in the door at the strike of on-time, you have an issue.
  2. Working ethically is one of the deal-breakers or makers. If this is happening this is a reflection of your organization. Remember that.
  3. Put forth Effort is measured by the person putting the effort out. If their gut isn’t t, try harder push a bit more, bad sign.
  4. Be prepared. When they come to a meeting not only do they have their laptop but are they prepare with ‘homework’ done for this particular meeting? If they know the topic have they attempted to gather intel before the review?
  5. Having passion is again something in your heart, your gut. If you don’t see it in their eyes? be very concerned.
  6. Be coachable. No matter if your salesperson is just out of school or old school, Everyone must be coachable. Having an air of self-importance is a sign of insecurity. The best salespeople know that asking and learning should ALWAYS be happening!
  7. Listen first. This is the one trait that might be able to be taught. We are programmed from a very young age to tell and not ask. It is societal and may not be taught.
  8. Don’t pre-judge. Prejudging is a sign of a few things but most often insecurity. Looking at things a certain way before we even know anything is an obvious issue on selling.
  9. Do one thing extra is really the idea that if you do more than expected, and often more than others, you will feel good as well as your sales manager!
  10. Smile. Wow. Hard to believe this one has to be said. Often with salespeople, they get into their own orbit and a simple thing like smiling gets forgotten.

These top 10 traits that take zero talent are so important so remember that other things can be taught but most often these need to come with ’em!

So when you are hiring a salesperson, don’t wait till you are desperate., One of the biggest issues we have in a successful sales team is hiring.

Hiring is done so wrong today, no wonder we have the issues we all have. Below is a free report that will give you a good understanding of the importance of hiring right and how to do it!


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